Main Activities

Help for startups: Medodan is capable of filling out the missing skills that are typically lacking in early medical device startup companies, either as a sparring partner in selection of, contracting with and management of external development partners, or as a regular contract development partner. Medodan has the specific aim to help build up the necessary competencies inside startup companies, while reducing the need for highly trained employees for short-term phase-dependent employment. Further, Medodan ensures that design documentation, intellectual property and key knowledge remains in control of the startup, protecting the core value of the company and facilitating future investments and exit.

Management support. Provide senior hands-on support and guidance to daily management in startup companies.

Contract development of medical devices. In Medodan we have the skills and experience to take on full contract development of medical devices.

Consultancy. Medodan can also assist your company with more specific tasks, such as implementing a quality management system, perform a clinical evaluation or a biological safety evaluation, participate in phase review meetings or risk management reviews etc.

Catalyst between startups and investors. Medodan is able to perform due dilligence for early startup companies within medical devices. Analyze the business potential and suggest realistic milestone plans, budgets and critical path for the startup to reach its goal.


  • Help for Start-ups
  • Contract development
  • Consultancy
  • Catalyst between startups and investors