About Medodan

  • We have worked together on various projects for the last eight years
  • Combined we have more than 50 years of medical device experience and have been involved in more than 25 different projects, e.g:
    • Bruxism management device – using surface electromyography (EMG) and cutaneous electrical stimulation
    • Drop foot stimulation device, active implantable medical device using peripheral nerve stimulation
    • Tongue control device, intra-oral appliance for control of computer/wheelchair
    • Hearing test devices including Auditory Brainstem Responses (ABR)
    • Vagus nerve implant, recording of vagus nerve activity and stimulation of vagus nerve for reduction of blood pressure
    • Brain Monitoring (Electroencephalography, EEG)
  • A majority of the devices were taken all the way from initial idea to CE-mark and FDA 510K clearance
  • Together we are inventors on more than 25 patent families
Medodan was founded by:
  • Christian Christiansen, CEO
  • Morten Haugland, CTO
  • Tommy Jacobsen, Hardware Design Lead
  • Nedim Junuzovic, Sr. Quality and Regulatory professional
  • Senad Zunic, Sr. SW Engineer
  • Valentina Ivanovic, Sr. SW Engineer